Our Team

Tony Siri


Tony is the founder and CEO of AAC Distributing, LLC. AAC Distributing sells premium exclusion products to Wildlife Removal companies across the country. He spent many of his formative years hunting and trapping. His love for the outdoors led him to a career as a Wildlife Control Operator and, eventually, to owning his own successful wildlife control business. With over 20 years in the wildlife industry, Tony has seen the best and worst that it has to offer. Many wildlife removal companies are small businesses that don’t have the capacity to offer health insurance or life insurance. Any accidents on the job or serious illnesses are devastating to these companies. Tony found himself in that circumstance when he fell off a roof in 1980. His recovery left him out of work and in a wheelchair for 3 months. As time went on, he saw many WCOs find themselves in the same or worse situations. He began to imagine a foundation that would help the operators and their families in these unfortunate circumstances. Tony’s vision has come to fruition with WOLF, and he could not be more thrilled that this type of help will be available to the industry that he has been a part of for so many years.

Tracy Sullivan

Vice President

Tracy is a father of 2 grown children, one who works as part of his Critter Control of Hamilton County team. He started in the wildlife industry at 23 years old with Critter Control of Indianapolis and worked there for 17 years before moving to co-owner of the Hamilton County franchise with his wife Carla. When he’s not working, you can find Tracy hanging out with his wife and best friend (besides his wife), Lincoln, a.k.a. the best pit bull ever. He enjoys golfing, watching football, or working around their property. After being in the industry so long, Tracy has witnessed what an unanticipated accident can do to peers. He feels very blessed to now be able to help support others through these circumstances as a founding member of WOLF.

Mike Siri


Mike Siri is the Operations Manager at AAC Distributing, LLC. He has worked in the nuisance wildlife removal industry for over 17 years. He started hunting and trapping at a very young age and continued in his love for the outdoors with bowfishing later in life. In 2006, Mike was the first person hired at his father’s wildlife removal business. Since then, he has seen many injuries and illnesses happen within the industry. Having been part of a start-up company, Mike understands the risks involved not only in being part of a new business, but the ongoing dangers of the job itself. He is happy to be part of something that will help people within the industry that fall on hard times.

Carla Sullivan


Carla is the co-owner of Critter Control of Hamilton County, Indiana along with her husband Tracy. After working in healthcare administration for 20 years, Tracy convinced Carla to use her previously learned skills in their own wildlife control business. When she isn’t working, you can find Carla gardening, spending time with family (furry ones included), or traveling anywhere she can convince her husband to go. WOLF is important to her because, as an employer, mother, and wife of wildlife control operators, she is all too familiar with the risks that are encountered daily in the line of work they do. She has seen the devastating effects an unexpected injury or loss can create. Knowing that day-to-day life can be difficult enough when navigating loss, Carla finds it an honor to be able to support her peers through tough times.

Gabe Hartwig

Gabe Hartwig

Board Member

Gabe is currently employed by Varment Guard Wildlife Services as a Regional Operations Manager of the Banks of the Wabash Region. He has been a Wildlife Control Operator for over 20 years with various companies throughout the Midwest. He is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of WOLF because he has seen the devastation when an unexpected illness happens to individuals who have dedicated their lives to this industry. His first boss and lifelong friend lost his battle with cancer, and it left a huge burden on his wife and children. So many WCOs spend their lives building a brand and running jobs without the ability to prepare for the worst. Life insurance, health insurance, and things of this nature aren’t always a possibility when building a wildlife company. Gabe is happy to be a part of this organization to hopefully help folks through these unforeseen difficulties.

Jack Waterway

Board Member

Jack has been in the wildlife industry for the past 20 years as owner of Best Way Animal Removal. His company was recently acquired by Varment Guard, and Jack continues in the industry as a field supervisor for them. Jack is also a 33-year veteran of the Michigan State Police. His assignments there included undercover work as a Multi-jurisdictional Task Force Team Commander, Fugitive Apprehension Team Commander, as well as assignments on the Benton Harbor Violent Crimes Task Force, the St. Joseph County Major Crimes Task Force, the Michigan State Police Fugitive Team as well as many others. Jack considers it to be an honor to be on the WOLF board. Both the Michigan State Police and the Michigan State Police Troopers Association had a hardship fund set up to help those in need that operated very similarly to WOLF. He has seen firsthand the blessing that an organization like this can be.

Jay Vincent

Board Member

Jay Vincent was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1973. He grew up hunting, fishing, and camping with his father and family and gravitated to spending a lot of time outdoors from a very young age. He was involved Cub Scouts and Indian Guides further sparking his interest in the outdoors. Fast forward, Jay graduated high school and attended Hocking College in the 1990’s where he was first introduced to wildlife trapping and management. He achieved a 2-year associate degree in fish and wildlife management and biology. After college he moved to Nashville where he worked as a forester. Jay started in the industry by answering an ad in the newspaper for an animal control technician with Truetech Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999. He was offered the position of pest and wildlife removal technician. Jay immediately took well to the career and won top sales in his first year with the company. In a short time, he started training other technicians in sales, biology, trapping, pest control, customer service and exclusion techniques. In 2008 he started the company Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal in Atlanta, Georgia. Jay and his wife, Dasha, own and operate the company. They are members of NWCOA, NPMA and the Georgia Pest Control Association. Along with being a licensed trapper, Jay is also a Certified Pest Control Operator. He holds several certifications with NWCOA including Bat Standards, Bird Management, Bird Barrier, Zoonotic Disease, Rodent Standards, WCO and Reptile and Amphibian. Jay has 2 daughters Izabelle (16) and Kiersten (17). In his spare time, he enjoys serving in his local church, mentoring, enjoying the outdoors, running a pest wildlife consulting business, and spending time with his family.

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